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  1. Meet The Harvicks

    by WXII 12 News 2 years ago 3,329 views

    DeLana Harvick spoke with Kenny Beck about Kevin's racing history and their future together.

  2. DeLana Harvick Race Hub Interview 3/7/2012

    by harvickfan91 2 years ago 2,436 views

    DeLana talks about the baby she and Kevin are having.

  3. The Roast Of Kevin Harvick [3/5] (Delana Harvick - Mike Dillon)

    by KingCuervo88 3 years ago 47,052 views

    Credit to speed.

  4. One-On-One Conversation With DeLana Harvick

    by WXII 12 News 2 years ago 2,319 views

    Mrs. Harvick shared a variety of topics including her pregnancy and how she met her husband.

  5. Tony Stewart Grabs ASS of Kevin Harvick's Wife

    by ThePrincessHira 2 years ago 193,416 views

    Apparently, this pre-race ritual has been going on for years. Before the start of the Geico 400 at Chicago, Tony Stewart ...

  6. Kevin & DeLana Harvick

    by WilburWildcat99 5 years ago 4,728 views

    Kevin & DeLana Harvick.

  7. Tony Stewart grabs DeLana Harvick's butt (9-16-2012)

    by KPR 2 years ago 678,326 views

  8. DeLana Harvick Accepts Joey Logano's 2010 Stewie Award // SiriusXM

    by SiriusXM 4 years ago 37,214 views

    Sign Up for a Free SiriusXM Trial: Your radio home for 24/7/365, unprecedented inside access to e ...

  9. DeLana Harvick's Anniversary Present

    by tallglassofmilk 4 years ago 20,249 views

    Kevin and DeLana Harvick's post race interview following #33 win in the Nationwide race in Las Vegas.

  10. Tony Stewart Grabs DeLana Harvick's Ass!!!

    by N2SC4R 2 years ago 18,164 views

    Tony Stewart grabs DeLana Harvick's ass during the NASCAR on ESPN Pre-Race show at Chicagoland Speedway. Oh Tony Stewart ...

  11. Kevin and Delana Harvick Phoenix Nascar NWS 2009

    by gibbysgarage 5 years ago 2,027 views

    Kevin and Delana Harvick Phoenix Nascar NWS 2009.

  12. Today At 5 Kenny Beck Talks With Delana Harvick

    by WXII 12 News 2 years ago 597 views

    On WXII 12 today at 5pm Kenny Beck reports on Delana Harvick about the racing wife's life...

  13. Nascar Driver Tony Stewart Grabs Kevin Harvick's Wife's Butt

    by ChrissyAndMrJones 2 years ago 1,929 views

    Nascar Driver Tony Stewart Grabs Kevin Harvick's Wife's Butt.

  14. Tony Stewart Grabs Delana Harvick

    by HBOflyer 2 years ago 70 views

    Oh tony.

  15. Tony Stewart Grabs Delana Harvick

    by letsrussell 2 years ago 137,735 views

    Tony Stewart grabs Delana Harvick at Chicagoland Speedway.

  16. Tony Stewart surprises DeLana Harvick

    by nascarvideoarchive 2 years ago 207,642 views

    Tony Stewart surprises DeLana Harvick .

  17. Stewart gooses Delana Harvick

    by James Stanczak 2 years ago 2,369 views

    Chicago NASCAR Race.

  18. Kevin and DeLana Harvick walking to Hauler after Win.

    by 18sux29rox 3 years ago 2,743 views

    After Kevins second straight victory, him and his wife leave victory lane, while Richard Childress is being interviewed on ...


    by Sonali Bj 1 year ago 6 views


  20. The Roast Of Kevin Harvick [4/5] (Jon Reep - Tony Stewart)

    by KingCuervo88 3 years ago 82,571 views

    Credit to speed.

  21. 2013 AdvoCare 500 Kevin Harvick's Son Plays in The Race Car

    by MotorSports Exclusive Videos [HD] 11 months ago 904 views

    [HD] 2013 Kevin and Delana Harvick's Son plays inside the race car before the AdvoCare 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

  22. Kevin Harvick Pranks Mother_Function

    by Josh Jones 3 years ago 39,371 views

    Kevin Harvick and the #29 team pull a prank on Mother_Function. Follow along with their prank war on Twitter @KevinHarvick ...

  23. Kevin Harvick Inc. 2011 NASCAR CWTS Owner's Champion

    by KA128183 3 years ago 569 views

    Kevin and DeLana celebrate the 2011 owner's title in KHI's final season.

  24. P&K: Kevin Harvick (TMS Media Day '08)

    by live1053fm 6 years ago 2,110 views

    Kevin Harvick talks with Pugs & Kelly about his competitive nature on and off the track, as well as the working relationship ...

  25. Tony Stewart Caught On Tape

    by ESPN 2 years ago 8,821 views

    Tony Stewart was caught by an ESPN camera grabbing the rear end of Kevin Harvick's wife before Sunday's race.

  26. Kevin Harvick & Ty Dillon Crash, Fight, Interviews

    by Flakman13 9 months ago 2,087 views

    Well, that's short track racing, folks.

  27. NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards: Kevin Harvick

    by NASCAR 8 months ago 5,413 views

    For more NASCAR news, check out:

  28. Ty Dillon Wrecks Kevin Harvick - NASCAR Camping World Trucks Martinsville 2013

    by FOX Sports 9 months ago 24,146 views

    Ty Dillon gets into the back of Kevin Harvick at the end of the race, taking out both trucks in the process.

  29. Bristol Battle: Kevin Harvick vs. Greg Biffle (2002)

    by ThunderValley 1 year ago 9,441 views

    This video and more featured on Purchase your Bristol tickets at ...

  30. Kevin Harvick Best Quotes

    by TheMatster1776 3 years ago 35,089 views

    Did this one upon request. I DO NOT OWN ALL THESE CLIPS. Credit To For Clips: Rpm2night1 Leonefan pacmancucumber1783 RNCoyote ...

  31. Kevin Harvick Training Feature - NASCAR on TNT

    by RCRracing3 1 year ago 3,893 views

    Take an inside look at Kevin Harvick's training regimen and see how he stays in shape during the NASCAR season. Feature ...

  32. Kevin Harvick vs. Clint Bowyer softball game!

    by NASCAR 1 year ago 4,216 views

    Kim Coon and Brooke Werner take fans behind the scenes of the second annual Dover vs. Pocono softball game! For more NASCAR ...

  33. Fights. Kevin Harvick vs. Juan Pablo Montoya at Watkins G...

    by NASCAR 2 years ago 29,944 views

    Heading into turn one on the restart, Martin Truex taps Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo then gets into Kevin Harvick and the two spin ...

  34. (HD) Kevin Harvick and Greg Biffle FIGHT at Martinsville 10/29/11

    by Justin Ray 3 years ago 55,504 views


  35. Birthday Suprise from Kevin Harvick!

    by NASCAR 1 year ago 6,486 views

    Kevin Harvick's surprise birthday present for Pocono's Brandon Igdalsky... For more NASCAR news, check out: ...

  36. Harvick~Stewart Incident Bristol 2008

    by XERB1090 2 years ago 146,491 views

    NASCAR Feature.

  37. Harvick and Vickers post-race crash!!

    by NASCAR 1 year ago 10,596 views

    Kevin Harvick lets his displeasure with Brian Vickers be known after the STP Gas Booster 500.

  38. Kevin Harvick's reaction to Marcos Ambrose's spin out | Camping World RV Sales 301, New Hampshire

    by NASCAR 1 year ago 11,991 views

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  39. Kevin Harvick BUD 360 App | Budweiser

    by budweiser 1 year ago 2,344 views

    Ride shotgun with Kevin Harvick and experience NASCAR like never before. Download the BUD 360 iOS app here: http://bit.l ...

  40. Kevin Harvick Win Mashup

    by RCRracing3 1 year ago 1,630 views

    Kevin Harvick won his first Sprint Cup Series race of 2013 in dramatic fashion Saturday night at Richmond International ...

  41. Kevin Harvick Owns Amber Cope

    by pacmancucumber1783 2 years ago 24,335 views

    With about 10 to go during today's Nationwide race, Amber Cope decided to race Kevin Harvick like an idiot. Harvick had a ...

  42. 2011 Trackside Dover ~ Kevin Harvick Insults Kyle Busch

    by KingCuervo88 3 years ago 24,363 views

    I'm getting the feeling Harvick doesn't exactly get along with Kyle... Credit to speed.

  43. Delana

    by Michael Barrett 6 years ago 2,025 views

    Earlier films, this one about Delana Smith being crowned Mis.

  44. Elliott Sadler's Opinion On The Harvick-Cope Feud

    by pacmancucumber1783 2 years ago 7,588 views

    Elliott Sadler gives his opinion (which I agree with myself) on the ongoing feud between Amber Cope and Kevin Harvick after ...

  45. Kevin Harvick edges out Jeff Gordon Atlanta 2001.

    by Stewart14rocks 4 years ago 13,292 views

    In 2001 Kevin Harvick filling in as a replacement driver for the deceased Dale Earnhardt goes out and wins the Golden Corral ...

  46. Kevin & DeLana

    by Twitter 2 years ago 9,331 views

    Discover the best Tweets, photos and perspectives from NASCAR drivers and their families, crews, commentators, celebrities ...

  47. Harvick's Message To Busch

    by Rpm2night1 3 years ago 108,533 views

    Texas Truck Series winner Kevin Harvick gives Kyle Busch some advice after Busch wrecked Harvick's teammate Ron Hornaday ...

  48. Kevin Harvick: Driver of the Race at Michigan

    by NASCAR 1 year ago 1,026 views

    After starting 21st, Harvick took advantage of a late Jimmie Johnson mishap and cruised to a second place finish. For more ...

  49. Kevin Harvick Ain't Apologizing To Amber Cope

    by RoachRadioTube 2 years ago 26,656 views

    "Pick some boots and your favorite song and find a new job."

  50. Media Tour One-Liner: Harvick and Stewart

    by NHMotorSpeedway 6 months ago 83 views

    Tony Stewart tries to clarify Kevin Harvick's comments about NASCAR's "Knockout" format, and Harvick responds by telling ...